2021 Meetings

2021 Meetings

Wednesday 8th September 2021 - Wessenden Moor .

Wessenden Moor
Leader : Kay Woodward
Meet : Meet at 10.30am at the car park on the north side of the A635 at SE 0506 0631 (where the footpath crosses the road). There should be enough parking for 5 or 6 cars.

The intention is to concentrate on the top of the moors to see how they are recovering after drain blocking and cessation of grazing. (Looking at the recovery of ferns and willow scrub in particular).
There is a good path across the moor all the way to Black Moss Reservoir (paved in most places) but the adjacent terrain is rough and boggy so a walking stick and wellington boots are advisable if wanting to venture off the path.
A GPS /tracking Smartphone app is also advisable. 

Duration: morning through to mid afternoon (?) so bring a packed lunch.
Distance: Likely to be within 2km of the car - looking at Featherbed Moss, White Moss, Broadhead Moss and South Clough area. SE0406, SE0307.

Be prepared for poor weather so bring suitable clothes. In the event of bad weather we will move down to Binn Green and consider low level options.
Please let Kay know if you intend to come, (email kaywoodward@yahoo.com) then we will not depart until all members are present.

20th June 2021 - Fishlake Green Lanes and Washlands.

Fishlake Green Lanes and Washlands.
Leader : Louise Hill.
Meet : 10am Blackshaw Lane (just north of Fishlake Village). SE666157
Wellingtons and a walking stick are advisable as the green lanes can be waterlogged and rough in places. Bring a packed lunch

This will be a joint meeting with members of the Yorkshire Naturalists' Union Botanical Section, so it is important that anyone intending to join the meeting should contact Louise in order that we can ensure numbers attending do not exceed the alloted maximum of 30 persons.
Louise email address is louise.a.hill@gmail.com

A visit to Fishlake Green Lanes and Washlands. (attractions being the Red Data Book species Carex vulpina - True fox Sedge and Rumex maritimus Golden Dock) - if they are still there after the floods......

As there is also a visit on the 27th June for BSBI members (advertised in the national magazine), this meeting is being organised to avoid too many people attending the later meeting.

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