2022 Meetings

2022 Meetings

Friday 24th June 2022 - Denaby Delf Nature Reserve, Upper Denaby (SE 2200 0715)

We’re hoping to re-find species last recorded during work on Geoffrey Wilmore’s West Yorkshire Plant Atlas, including adder’s-tongue, green-ribbed sedge, oval sedge and carnation sedge, as well as wetland taxa including common water-crowfoot, round-leaved crowfoot, curled pondweed and meadow plants such as field scabious and harebell.

Meet at 10.30am. Park on the verges just next to the footpath to the site at the above grid reference on Denby Lane off the A629 Penistone Road. The small village of Upper Denby is ½ km to the east of the lane up to the nature reserve, and 2.5 km from the junction of A629 and A635 at Lane Head.

Friday 27th May 2022 - Isle of Skye, Meltham

A joint meeting with Bradford Botany Group
Leaders : Kay McDowell and Peter Burton
A mill stone grit quarry including a pond supporting a large number of species such as bottle sedge, bladder-sedge, pill sedge and common spike-rush. Aquatic species include bog pondweed and round-leaved crowfoot. We also hope to find moorland species such as eared willow and creeping willow and crowberry. If time permits we will visit Meltham Mills woodland and Slate Pit Wood.

Meet 10.30am at the layby at grid reference SE 089 079 on the A635, which is right outside the quarry and approximately 4 km west of Holmfirth where there is room for two cars on the north (quarry-side) and two-three more on the south side (opposite-side). There is a bigger layby at SE 076 072 on either side of the A635 with very wide verges and enough room for more cars. We will run a shuttle service if necessary.

Friday 29th April 2022 - Thunder Bridge, Kirkburton

Leader : Kat McDowell
On a circular walk approx. 6km in length through broad-leaved woodland, fields, beck and lanes seeing a variety of species, including spring flowers such as moschatel, common cow-wheat and yellow archangel. We’re hoping to re-find species last recorded during work on Geoffrey Wilmore’s West Yorkshire Plant Atlas between 1974 and 1993. 

Meet 10.30am at grid reference SE187114 on Birks Lane, where there is room for 4 – 5 cars. The small village of Thunder Bridge is just off the A629 approx. 5km south-east of the centre of Huddersfield. If that car park is full there is also parking available in an extension to the car park for the Woodman Inn on Thunder Bridge Lane at grid reference SE 189 116.
Saturday 1st January to Tuesday 4th January 2021 - New Year Plant Hunt.

New Year Plant Hunt
I'm not sure whether it would be wise to attempt to arrange a formal group meeting given the current levels of uncertainty about COVID so perhaps we can encourage individuals to go out in their local patch and report back their results - ideally with some photos.

The BSBI has created a brand-new app/ online recording form for 2022.

They are road-testing it now and will post a link on the BSBI website www.bsbi.org/new-year-plant-hunt as soon as it's ready.

 You'll be able to view the results as they come in on the interactive map and see lists of what other plant-hunters found and where - it's all on the BSBI New Year Plant Hunt Results website www.nyph.bsbi.org

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