County Flora

What has been described as a peculiarly British product, the 'local Flora', has had an extremely chequered history, enjoying steep rises and falls in popularity governed by a wide range of factors, both socio-economic and scientific. Rarely, however, have they been as fashionable as they are today, and never have they been so important. They are uniquely suited to providing an accurate, up-to-date survey of the flora of a region set in an historical background. Their extremely local nature ensures a most productive combination of regional expertise, pride and responsibility.
Professor C. A. Stace, February 1990

The South Yorkshire Plant Atlas

Edited by G.T.D. Wilmore, J. Lunn & J.S. Rodwell
The South Yorkshire Plant Atlas
Published by Yorkshire Naturalist Union, 2011
ISBN 978-0-9565378-0-5.
A4 Hardcover, 459 pages.

This is the first fully documented Flora for the former South Yorkshire Metropolitan County, containing the Districts of Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield. The area ranges from the Pennine moorland plateau in the west, through the central Coal Measure woodland and mixed agricultural/industrial belt, to the varied Magnesian Limestone country and the famous lowland peat habitats of Thorne and Hatfield Moors in the east, the altitude ranging from 2000 feet on the Pennine tops, down to sea level east of Doncaster.

An essential reference work for everyone interested in the natural history of the region: academic, professional ecologist/land manager and amateur botanist/wildlife enthusiast.

West Yorkshire Plant Atlas

The West Yorkshire Plant Atlas
Edited by J. C. Lavin & G.T.D. Wilmore
Published : City of Bradford Metropolitan Council, 1994
ISBN : 0 907734 39 1
Hardback, with dust-jacket. 287 pages.
Six plates of colour photos, many 'dot' distribution maps.

Plant Atlas of Mid-west Yorkshire

Plant Atlas of Mid-west Yorkshire
Author : P.P. Abbott
Published : Yorkshire Naturalist Union, 2005
ISBN : 0-9504093-6-7
Hardback, with dust-jacket. 248 pages.
16 plates of colour photos, many 'dot' distribution maps.
The distribution maps accompanying the plant captions were prepared using DMAP software, devised by Dr. A.J. Morton.

The first 'flora' to cover the Yorkshire Dales area since 1888!! Gives an account of the plants recorded in V-C 64 over the last 20 years.

The Flora of Derbyshire

The Flora of Derbyshire

Author : Alan Wilmot & Nick Moyes
Published : Pisces Publications
ISBN : 9781874357-65-0
Hardback 400 pages, full colour throughout.

The first Flora for this botanically-rich county since 1969. Printed in full colour throughout, it covers all wild flowers, trees, conifers and ferns recorded in Derbyshire over the last 400 years. Based on ¾ million plant records, it is the culmination of nearly 20 years of research and fieldwork by the authors and their helpers.

Its 1,919 species accounts describe the status, habitats and distribution of all Derbyshire's wild plants. Colour maps for over 1,100 species are included, with modern and historic records plotted at tetrad level (2km x 2km) in a clear unambiguous manner that few other atlases achieve.

Flora of the East Riding of Yorkshire

Flora of the East Riding of Yorkshire

Author : Eva Crackles
Published : Hull University Press. 1990
ISBN : 0-85958-487-9
Hardback 271 pages, full colour throughout.

The only previous Flora of the East Riding of Yorkshire, by J.F. Robinson, was published in 1902. The present volume brings together all that is known concerning the past and present distribution of vascular plants in vice-county 61 and other information which helps in the understanding of flora.

A Flora of Wensleydale

Author : Deborah Millward B.A.
Published : The Yoredale Natural History Society, 1988
ISBN : 0 9514287 0 5
Paperback 180 pages, includes two maps showing Geological features of the Dale.

A Flora of Wensleydale

One hundred years ago the first definitive Flora of Wensleydale appeared. A century later Deborah Millward's book records the 800 species found in the Dale, compares their present distribution with that in the older list, and discusses the causes of change. A further chapter by Professor Cuchlaine King elucidates the complex geology of the Dale, its soil-types, and climate. Deborah Millward concludes with a detailed account of plant life in the resultant habitats.

Deborah Millward is a graduate of the Open University. Before coming to the Dales with her husband she worked as a microbiologist.

Alien Plants of Yorkshire

Alien Plants of Yorkshire

Author : Geoffrey Wilmore
Published : Yorkshire Naturalist Union, 2000
ISBN : 0950409332
Paperback 304 pages, A few useful line illustrations complement the text.

This is the first comprehensive publication dealing with Alien Plants in Yorkshire, and one of the first for Great Britain. It gives detailed information on around 1,300 species of alien plants, together with comprehensive listings of both exotics and British native species which are alien to or otherwise introduced or planted in the county. It covers the five vice-counties of Yorkshire (VCC 61-65).

A competent account of alien plant species' occurrence in the Yorkshire area, with VC distribution and dates and locations of records.

A Flora of Sheffield (Two Hundred Years of Plant Records)

Editor : Margaret R Shaw
Published : Sorby Natural History Society, Sheffield, 1988
Sorby Record Special Series No.8
ISSN : 0260-2032

Local naturalists have devoted many hours to field work and research in compiling the Flora of Sheffield, which involves over 1,140 species and 405 distribution maps, with a rough estimate of 45,000 records handled.

The society is now planning a follow-up publication to show how the distribution of plants has changed in recent decades. This Flickr group has been set up to enable people to submit photos of vascular plants, which must have been taken within recording area.

The Story of South Yorkshire Botany (and the Flora Sheffieldiensis of Jonathan Salt)

The Story of South Yorkshire Botany

Author : Graeme L D Coles
Published : Yorkshire Naturalist Union, 2011 ISBN : 978-0-9565378-1-2

This book tells the story of Botany in South Yorkshire from the 16th to the late 20th centuries and compliments the recently published South Yorkshire Plant Atlas in providing additional and more detailed accounts of botanists, their lives and their work than was possible to include in the Plant Atlas, together with many illustrations of people, manuscripts, printed sources and herbarium sheets, as well as a comprehensive bibliography of the area's botanical literature.

Yorkshire Hawkweeds by Vincent Jones

Yorkshire Hawkweeds

Author : Vincent Jones
Published : Yorkshire Naturalist Union, 2015
Paperback : 200 pages, colour illustrations
ISBN : 978-0-9565378-2-9

The main aim of this book is to share the knowledge of Yorkshire hawkweed taxonomy which I have acquired over the last thirty years, enabling, I hope, beginners to make a start and improvers to see the way forward towards an understanding of this difficult genus..

There are twenty pages of introduction which contain an account of hawkweed recording in Yorkshire; general advice on identification; definitions and explanation of characters illustrated by line diagrams and photographs; details of the layout of the book and how to use it; and a list in tabular form of the 117 species recorded in Yorkshire. This table assigns the species to section (and where necessary to aggregate or group within the section), indicates their frequency in Yorkshire and shows the vice-counties in which they occur

Canals, Plants and People: a Yorkshire Perspective

Author : Ray Goulder
Published : The People, Landscape and Cultural Environment Education and Research Centre. (PLACE)
Paperback : 222 pages and the authors coloured photographs Price : £10.50 + £3.00 p&p (£13.50)
Obtained from : Dr Margaret Atherden, PLACE Office, York St John University, Lord Mayor’s Walk, York YO31 7EX. Cheques to be payable to PLACE.

This book is aimed at readers who enjoy and relax in the ambience of canals. It will appeal to botanists, ecologists, geographers, natural historians, and to boaters, and to those who walk or cycle along towing paths or take a wider interest in the countryside.

The author explores how water plants in and alongside Yorkshire canals interact with human activity. Contents include:
• A record of the plants found.
• The impact of boating on plants and vegetation.
• Plants in derelict and disused canals.
• Effects of restoration of disused canals.
• Relationships between plants and maintenance and management of canals.
• Rare plants, native plants that are beyond their natural geographic range, and alien plants.
• Impacts of leisure activities on plants.
• The future of plants in canals.

The author has worked extensively as a volunteer for the Canal & River Trust and has become increasingly focused on how the distribution and abundance of plants are related to the many ways in which people use and enjoy canals.

Wild Plants of the Sheffield & Tinsley Canal

Photographs of plants along a waterway in South Yorkshire

Author : Ken Balkow
Published : Privately May 2018
Paperback : 105 pages and the authors coloured photographs with index.
Price £12

The Sheffield & Tinsley canal is a 3.9 mile long waterway connecting Sheffield city centre with the River Don just north east of Meadowhall. During 2017 and 2018 the author made frequent visits to the canal taking photographs of the wild plants, which are arranged geographically starting at Victoria Quays in the city centre finishing at the River Don.

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