Sites to Survey

Possible sites for survey in 2019

We are now considering sites for surveys during 2019.
As 2019 will be the final year for the collection of records towards Atlas 2020, then priority will be given towards under-recorded areas, but not exclusively.

If you have any suggestions for sites to survey then please contact the recorders whose emails are listed below.

The Pennines

Tetrad Map for Northern part of SYBG

Any non-members wishing to join us in a field meeting should notify the vice county recorders, Louise Hill at or Kay McDowell at in advance. One must be suitable attired for the conditions and carry a packed lunch and drinks.

Agden Bog, Bradfield Dale, YWT Reserve (S6 6JN) (SK2593)
Situated on the north west corner of Agden Reservoir in the beautiful Bradfield Dale, Agden Bog nature reserve is a classic example of a type of bog that has now mostly disappeared from our landscape following draining of the land for agriculture.

Kings Wood, Elsecar. (SK3899)
A thin band of coal known as the Barnsley Rider Seam outcrops at Kings Wood.
Car parking at Elsecar Heritage Centre

Thunder Hole, Barnburgh. (SK4803)
More details to follow.

Went Lowes, Topham near Sykehouse. (SE6217)
More details to follow.

Dick Clough, Site of Biological Importance. (SE0105)
Car parking at Binn Green car park or on Tunstead Lane
More details to follow.

The Sheffield Canal from Meadowhall to Rotherham. (SK....)
More details to follow.

Ramsden Clough, Holmbridge. (SE115055)
Yateholme Car Park between Brownhill Reservoir and Ramsden Reservoir
Opportunity to survey upland habitats, moorland flushes, old quarry workings, woodland and around reservoirs

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