Friday, 17 May 2019

Ramsden Clough, Holmbridge

15th May 2019 - Ramsden Clough, Holmbridge

Leader : Louise Hill & Kay Woodward
Attendees : Louise Hill, Kay Woodward, John Scott, Peter Burton, Les Coe
Apologise : Mike Caraway (due to illness)

Meet : 10.30am at Yateholme car park which lies between Brownhill Reservoir and Ramsden Reservoir

The purpose of the meeting was once again to contribute towards Atlas 2020 and to survey a particularly under-recorded area, it having only 10 species previously recorded. As we would be passing through other squares, then any new species there would also be recorded and added to the list for that square.

The weather was dry and sunny, making for a very pleasant survey.

It was easy going down!
Outward Bound
Taking a break

The top of Ramsden Clough

Looking towards Ramsden Rocks

During the day we did hear just one cuckoo calling briefly, and observed a couple of lizards.

Botanical report to follow

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