Thursday, 25 January 2018

SYBG program of Field Meetings for 2018 (VC 63)

With the forthcoming BSBI Atlas 2020 in mind, and being aware that there will only be two more seasons in which to gather records. We hope that members can become more active during 2018 helping to record our local floras, and to learn how to identify a wide range of species. Members and guests are welcome to join with the group on field trips, visiting many under-recorded areas in South Yorkshire. Please do get in touch if you need help identifying areas for recording in your area, contact Louise Hill by email at

It is possible that we shall also arrange for some joint meetings with other local groups, such as the Sorby Natural History Society, Rotherham Naturalists’ Society, Doncaster Naturalists’ Society, Barnsley Naturalist and Scientific Society, Bradford Botany Group and Yorkshire Naturalist Union where their meetings fall within our recording area.

We are also considering a trip up North, well, not too far North, just into Saddleworth Moor where we are lacking any taxa records. This visit is most likely to be in the Holme Moss area, which falls just within the South Yorkshire boundary. Ideally, an outing into these Moors will require a period of low rainfall before hand, and good weather on the day. Therefore, we will require to be informed of those persons who would wish to participate, so that any changes to a planned meeting date can be quickly emailed to everyone.

Field visits can be full days, half days or even evenings, depending on the area to be covered. Full day meetings will usually start at 10am and finish around 4pm, with a break midway for refreshments. Members are welcome to bring along guests to the field meetings, however, please note: Members & Guests attend meetings at their own risk.

Our program of field trips for 2018 is almost finalised for the coming season. Because of the apparent fall-off of interest over the recent seasons, the program is not too ambitious, having just one outing per month, except busy June, when we have included two events. It is hoped that members will once again come and contribute towards Atlas 2020, or just enjoy the flora through the seasons in the company of like-minded botanists, and perhaps learning a little more about our wildlife.

Please let us know if you do intend to attend a field meeting, or send your apologies if you not able to attend via the email address

For details of meetings for 2018 click here

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